Custom Software Development

We develop, deploy and manage custom software applications in support of your business. Simplify and automate how you work Make information available when you need it so you can make informed decisions Provide internal and customer facing portals Document and improve business practices


Business Automation Plan

We develop and execute a plan describing the software, hardware, processes and effort required to transition from a paper-based, non-optimized environment to a fully automated, paperless environment. Recommendations for system integration are incorporated into the plan.


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Big Bang Projects are a Bigger Risk

Big Bang Projects are a Bigger Risk Maximizing your resources with a Minimum Viable Product 90% of start-ups fail, according to articles by Forbes and Fortune 500 The #1 reason for failure is creating products the consumer doesn’t want The Minimum Viable Product method can help assure that your product is well-received (Lisez cet article en français) Trying to break […]


Plus grand le lancement, plus grand le risque

Plus grand le lancement, plus grand le risque Maximisez votre rendement avec un Minimum Viable Product • 90% d’entreprises en démarrage font faillite, d’après Forbes et Fortune 500 • La raison #1 pour un échec est d’avoir un produit que le consommateur ne désire pas • En utilisant la méthode du Minimum Viable Product, vous […]


The Internet of Things: Being smart with smart technology.

What is it? The Internet of things. This term is becoming quite popular in the tech community but many people might still be wondering what it means. In simplest terms, it describes the connectivity of all kinds of devices and hardware. And by “devices and hardware” I really mean anything. The Internet of Things will […]